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Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems

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Downeast Air can install an ultraviolet air treated system in your home using Sanuvox Products.  Sanuvox Technologies Inc. is a global leader in ultraviolet air treatment providing the most advanced cost-effective In-Duct & Stand-Alone UV Air and Coil Sterilization Systems available. Proprietary Sanuvox UV Systems are designed to maximize exposure time delivering the Ultraviolet energy required to deliver exceptionally high airborne disinfection rates.

In-Duct & Stand-Alone Sanuvox systems are used around the world in residential, commercial, institutional, medical and military installations and has been widely accepted to be the most effective air sterilization systems available.

You can protect your home and your family from allergy-causing mold with our selection of air purifiers. These ultraviolet air treatment systems kill mold that would grow in the cool, damp interiors of your air conditioning system. This is the same technology that's long been used by water treatment facilities, adapted for safe, efficient home air purifiers. Contact us for an appointment.

Cleaning air ducts and vents by removing accumulations of dust, pet dander, molds, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants is always a wise decision. You’ll get more efficient operation from your forced-air gas furnace and central air conditioning system, plus a cleaner, less dusty home, fewer allergens circulating in the air. You’ll breathe easier, just knowing that your air ducts are as clean as the rest of your home. Downeast Air offers the Rotobrush Duct Cleaning Service. Call for an appointment today 239-530-2665.

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